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Welcome to your China travel visa service site.  We have developed a software application system with validation logic which reduces ninety percent of common mistakes made during the application process.  Our software is fast, intuitive and will speed you along towards haveing a successful visa application experience with us.   Returning customers enjoy blazing fast applications, as our system uses the previous information from past trips to fill out common demographic information.  

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Choose the type of visa you need by clicking on the buttons to the left.  Review the requirements for that visa and begin by completing our easy Online Application Form.  It is best to have your passport in front of you and any invitation documents with the address of your inviter before beginning your application form.


Application Form Technology

Our Online Application is super fast, and very easy to use.  It was designed to work simply with both single applications and for those organizing large group travel to China.  When you are finished entering the required information, you will have the opportunity to print out your forms and pay online.  You will also get an email invoice, that illustrates the requirements of the visa you applied for and a link allowing you to download and revise your application form. 

We offer a number of services for all types of visas: Work Visas, Business Visas, Tourist and Travel Visas, Journalist Visas and visas for diplomats with service speeds ranging from Same-day Service to our TravelPro Advanced Planning Travel Service. Prices vary depending on how fast you need your documents returned to you, and also depending on the consulate charges of the country you are visiting.